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Welcome to the Intellogy Content Management Solution ASP.NET Demonstration Site!

This site illustrates the use of Intellogy within ASP.NET websites. At least one layout from each module is presented in a default CSS style using primary colors. The generic latin text data populating the site is shared among all the Intellogy Demonstration Sites.

If you have signed up for an Intellogy Test Drive, you may login via the Intellogy Content Manager and experience how simple and easy it is to update this website's content.

Callout boxes such as this at the top of pages contain notes about the usage of that module, and are not part of the content generated by the Intellogy Content Management solution.

The data in this demonstration website resets itself nightly, so feel free to add, update, and delete data as you like. We do request that you refrain from using offensive language or posting offensive images. Violators will have their accounts permanently revoked (our access logs will tell the story).

Complete source code for this website is available to Intellogy developers and resellers.

Learn more about the Intellogy Content Management Solution at

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